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Feasability Studies for Rigging/Lifting Operations

 Cost vs Reward

Bowtec can carry out a feasibility study for any Lifting operations you have in mind or are considering in the future. We will conduct a comprehensive analysis encompassing the following aspects:

  • Cost analysis: We will thoroughly assess the financial implications associated with the proposed lifting operations. This includes evaluating the expenses related to equipment, labor, maintenance, and any other relevant factors. 

  • ​Specify Equipment requirements: Our study will identify and outline the specific equipment needed to successfully carry out the lifting operations. We will consider factors such as load capacity, lifting mechanisms, safety features, and any specialized equipment requirements.

  • Time implications: We will analyze the time requirements for the lifting operations, taking into account factors such as preparation, setup, execution, and potential constraints that may affect the project timeline.

  • Legislation requirements: Our study will ensure compliance with all applicable regulations, standards, and legal requirements pertaining to lifting operations. We will thoroughly review local, national, and international regulations to ensure that the proposed operations adhere to the necessary guidelines.

  • Environmental impacts: We will assess the potential environmental effects of the lifting operations. This includes evaluating factors such as noise pollution, emissions, waste management, and any potential impacts on the surrounding ecosystem.

  • Health and Safety considerations (Hazards): Our study will identify and address potential hazards and risks associated with the lifting operations. We will conduct a thorough assessment of the work environment, identify potential safety hazards, and propose measures to mitigate and manage risks effectively.

  • Propose various options for carrying out the lifting operations: Based on our analysis, we will present multiple options and strategies for executing the lifting operations. This includes exploring alternative approaches, equipment choices, scheduling considerations, and cost-effective solutions.

By conducting this detailed feasibility study, Bowtec aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the lifting operations, enabling you to make informed decisions and ensuring the successful and safe execution of your projects.

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