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RTITB Lorry mounted crane

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The course is to RTITB standards and covers the following:
✓Legislation and duties of operators
✓Identification of component parts
✓Lifting, lowering, outreaching, and slewing
✓Lifting gear and handling attachments
✓Pre-use examination
✓Associated knowledge examination
✓Practical examination

The training venue will require the following:

A suitable and large enough, secure outdoors practical training area (the length and width of the vehicle + 5m or the operating radii of the crane + 5m whichever is greater) that is away from any activities, overhead cables or obstacles with level ground that is firm enough to withstand the machine and its load.
✓A suitable inside room for theory training that will be uninterrupted (with a power point)
✓Access to welfare – toilets, running water, suitable temperature, etc.
✓A serviceable vehicle mounted hydraulic lorry loader crane meeting current legislation, fitted with a hook, with the manufacturer’s handbook.
✓Suitable, safe, and clearly marked lifting gear, 3 different types of loads (size, weight, and shape) within 75% of the cranes max safe working load (SWL) when at max radius.
✓6 cones and barrier tape or fixed barriers
Course duration (max 3 delegates)
Refresher – 1 day
Existing Operators – 1.5 days
Novice Operators - 2 days
Conversion to – 1 day
Course cost (max 3 delegates)
Price Available on Request
+ £28.50 certification fees per person
At Customer premises

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